Why us

So, you ask the question “Why Us?”.  There are many answers: our Two Free Trial Classes are available anytime, subject to class sizes, as we do not have term times and classes run throughout the year apart from Bank Holidays, a two-week shutdown over the Christmas Holidays, and a two-week shutdown over the summer. If any of the above locations, days, and times are convenient for you, below are answers to the most frequent questions we receive from parents of our new students:

  • We are a professional organisation and as such are the premier martial arts association in your area.
  • Yes, parents do see a marked improvement in concentration levels at school when children have been training with us for a period.
  • All the above classes are for beginner-grade children only.
  • Classes are structured to be fun yet disciplined. We have strict rules regarding fighting/play fighting outside of the classes!
  • All beginners train in their tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts, they will need a drink of water for during the class.
  • Our Karate Suits (Gi) cost £35 which includes delivery, white belt & embroidery of the Association badge. You do not need to purchase this until you are happy that your child is going to continue their training for the foreseeable future.
  • Beginner class fees are £35 per calendar month, payable by direct debit. We like to encourage students to train as much as possible and even though we only charge for one lesson per week, this fee allows unlimited training in any suitable class at any location within the Association, but of course, it is up to you how often your child trains! Check our locations tab as there might be classes convenient for you on another night not too far away.  Fees are payable for every month of the year you are a member regardless of attendance. One months’ notice of cancellation in writing is required.
  • Fees are discounted where more than one direct family member is training!
  • If for any reason you miss your regular night’s training, this can be made up any time at any suitable class within the Association without prior notice!
  • We do not have Mums, Dads, or Guardians in the hall during classes as over the years we have found that children, especially the younger ones tend to join in and enjoy the classes so much more when Mum or Dad aren’t looking on.
  • All Martial Artists no matter how young or old must be licensed! This is a yearly fee, the first year’s licence fee is £26 and includes your Licence & record book, thereafter yearly fees are £21.
  • All children are taught not to bully and how not to be bullied!

If you like what you have read so far and would like to book your child in for their first free trial lesson, please let me know your child’s name & age, a mobile contact number for during the class, and when you would like them to start of course?

I look forward to hearing from you soon and if there are any other questions you might have that I have not covered please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Ian (Sensei)

Chief Instructor and Founder

All Anglia Karate Association