5 Reasons that Your Children Will Benefit from Martial Arts Training with “All Anglia Karate Association”

Are you a parent that has been thinking about signing their child up for a martial arts class? If so, first and foremost, well done for considering this as nowadays, unfortunately, it seems that making sure your child can defend their self in the right way in any given situation and by the way, engaging in conflict is always the last resort, is now just as important or if not more than making sure your child can SWIM! The All Anglia Karate Association syllabus has evolved over the last 20 years to provide a multitude of benefits for your children. They’ll get a boost in confidence, make a bunch of new friends and more. Studies show that the majority of children enrolled in a martial arts program perform better in school! Below are 5 reasons why signing your child up for a martial arts class is a good idea:

Build Strong Youth Friendships

If there’s one thing that can be said about childhood, it’s that making friends is both a difficult, but an extremely beneficial aspect of the process. It’s widely believed that people bond through stressful events. We’re not saying that martial arts lessons are stressful, but we ARE saying that there is a good chance your child will make long-lasting friends with the other children they practice karate or martial arts with and a lot of the time your child will make friends with both YOUNGER and OLDER children which seems to be an obstacle in schools due to peer pressure within year groups. This way through martial arts children end up with a varied range of friends that help each other during school time and especially when changing from Primary to higher education. As well as this you as a parent will undoubtedly make some new friends when you meet other parents at classes, martial arts tournaments, belt ceremonies, etc. It’s a win, win situation. Who knows you might even get the urge to join a class yourself when you see how much the classes are benefitting your child!

Learn and Practice Conflict Resolution Skills

Bullying is a real problem and I know as you do that there are both good and bad ways to deal with any situation. By enrolling your child in a good martial arts instructor program, you’re going to help them learn how to deal with conflict among their peers, with your help children within a good martial arts program will be taught how not to be bullied and not to be a bully. Older children will be taught what to look out for and how to avoid potential situations before they even arise. You’re also going to help them learn how to deal with it in a safe environment. Children will have disagreements during karate lessons but their instructor will help them work out their differences. A good instructor is also very keen to spot any types of bullying and resolve the issue before it becomes a problem. Children that can be volatile will also learn to curb their temper because they know it won’t accomplish anything during lessons, in doing so will calm down in other aspects of life.

Give Healthy Way to Release Stress & Energy

Children these days seem to have a busier social life than most of their parents, with most children now having a wonderful array of activities to get into and try out. It seems that most evenings your child has something to do and they still have bags of energy when they get home, so why should you make time for martial arts? Training in a martial art is something most parents have dabbled in but lost interest for one reason or another, those of you that had a really good instructor probably stayed a lot longer. To a certain degree, it isn’t about which martial art you train in, it is about the instructor that is training you. A well run martial arts program should be fun yet disciplined both in the children’s and adult classes and resemble something that feels like a bodyweight fitness class that packs a real punch to pardon the pun. Obviously, beginners come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and training will reflect what the beginners are capable of. Over time as your child goes through the first few grades, you will be amazed at the changes not only in their general fitness but also their speed, strength, behaviour and concentration. Hopefully, you will also see an improvement in their concentration levels at school as children will be encouraged to take the self-discipline required from their martial arts training into their classes at school. And after all, it is better than them sitting at home playing their computer games on TV!

Instil Self-Confidence and Build Self-Esteem

A lot of children seem to struggle with self-esteem issues as well as a lack of confidence. Learning a martial art is fantastic for anyone’s confidence but especially children. I have already mentioned the benefits of mixing with both older and younger children, however, for some children, it is a massive achievement for them to even walk through the doors and join in the class. We all know that it takes a lot to join any class for the first time, that is why good martial arts clubs have separate beginner classes. Once a beginner joins it is little steps which will boost their confidence, small realistic goals each one slightly harder than the next. Learning new skills each week while improving that which has already been learned until being tested on those skills at their first grading. The sense of achievement when showing off their new belt to friends and family just cannot be beaten.

Learn Respect for All

One thing that all parents are sure to agree on is that their children need to show respect to the parents themselves, as well
as their elders and authority figures; even to humanity in general. Some parents enjoy teaching their children these lessons directly, while others would rather their children learn them in school or out in the real world. Either works.
If there’s one teaching figure who will teach respect to children, it’s a martial arts instructor. They themselves were taught to respect their own master while in training and will happily instill that same sense of respect on your own children. Young martial arts students are taught to respect their opponents, as well as their master. They’re taught to be kind and listen to other’s opinions. These are all great values that carry over into everyday life.

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