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- We are a professional organization and as such are the premier martial arts association in your area!

- Classes are run throughout the year with the exception of Bank Holidays, a two week shutdown in the summer and a two week shutdown over Christmas.

- Yes! Parents do see a marked improvement in concentration levels at school when they have been training with us for a period of time. We encourage children to ask whenever they do not understand, this is constantly reinforced with a high emphasis on doing the same when in class at school!

- Our classes are split by age and grade where numbers dictate.

- Classes are structured to be fun, yet disciplined, with an emphasis on cardio/bodyweight fitness, competition Karate, and age-appropriate street style self-defence!

- All beginners train in tracksuit bottoms and their t-shirts, they will need a drink of water for during the class.

- Our Karate Suits (Gi) cost £30 which includes delivery, white belt & embroidery of Association badge. You do not need to purchase this until you are happy that you or your child is going to continue their training for the foreseeable future.

- We like to encourage students to train as much as possible and as such your fees include unlimited weekday training, any location, any suitable class within the Association, we recommend at least two classes per week when convenient, but of course it is up to you how often you/your child trains!

- If for any reason you miss your regular night's training, this can be made up anytime at any suitable class within the Association without prior notice!

- We do not have Mums, Dads or Guardians in the hall during classes as over the years we have found that children, especially the younger ones tend to join in and enjoy the classes so much more when Mum or Dad aren't looking on.

- All Martial Artists no matter how young or old must be licensed! This is a yearly fee, the first year's license fee is £26 and includes your Licence & record book, thereafter yearly fees are £21.

- All children are taught not to bully and how not to be bullied!

- We have strict rules regarding fighting/play fighting outside of the classes!

If there is anything else that you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us and if appropriate it will be added to this page!

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