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Welcome to All Anglia Karate Association where Lives are Changed and Bodies are Transformed!

You will find that we offer the best martial arts program available anywhere, with your success in mind. Our syllabus is specifically designed to help promote fast & proficient learning action-filled classes and an all round exhilarating and rewarding experience within a fun yet disciplined environment.


Transform into a Black Belt Inside & Out!

Teaching methods at All Anglia Karate Association are first class! Our students get into incredible shape - mentally, physically & emotionally. Here at All Anglia Karate Association you will be able to find a class that meets your busy schedule with ease. We offer classes for children & adults specialising in real, age specific self-defence, bully proofing skills, child safety and much more. After all why go to the gym to get fit when you can get SUPER FIT and really learn to defend yourself and your family at the same time. After just a few classes YOU WILL see that training in a martial art really is best way to get and stay in shape with a real sense of purpose.

Our Instructors Are the Best!

The instructors at All Anglia Karate Association have been professionally trained to teach our physical curriculum and more importantly core values such as respect, discipline, integrity, self control and courage. Students have told us that after training here, they have already seen an increase in their self esteem, self discipline and sense of achievement! These same students have achieved an unconquerable spirit that is helping them to succeed at work, at school and at home!

About Us

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