Kids Martial Arts in Saffron Walden - All Anglia Karate Association

All Anglia Karate Association is a family business with families in mind.

When starting anything new there is always an initial outlay. At All Anglia Karate Association we try to keep this to a minimum. Before taking on a new student we like them to have at least 2 free trial lessons, making sure they are going to enjoy being in the class and for younger students, assessing whether they are ready to take instruction. You will be surprised at how well children as young as 5 can concentrate in a disciplined environment. Once we are happy to take a student on and you are happy, your initial expense is the monthly training fees. New students may train in their tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt as long as they like! Of course you will need your club suit in time for your first grading, all beginner suits are £25 this includes your white belt and embroidery of the Association Badge.

The only other expense you will incur is your licence fee. Every single Martial Artist, no matter how young or old must be licensed. Our licence fee is £26, students must take out a licence within their first four weeks of full training. Your All Anglia Karate Association Licence fee will:

Entitle you to:

  • Membership of All Anglia Karate Association
  • Membership of Karate Sport England


  • Licence & Record Book
  • Student to student insurance for all training & competition purposes.
  • Class fees are heavily discounted according to the number of direct family members training!

Class fees are per calendar month. Fees are due regardless of attendance. Any class that a student misses for any reason can be made up totally at your convenience, up to the end of the following calendar month. All fees are paid by standing order. You are in control of your payments, you are not committed in any way. Should you decide at any time to cease training you just need to cancel your standing order!  

Class fees vary slightly from club to club due to type of class and class duration.

Beginner fees, depending on area, start from £30 per month, however, as already stated above fees are heavily discounted according to how often and how many from one family are training!!!

What do you get for your money?

  • Professional traditional and competition martial arts tuition of the highest quality
  • Beginner student only classes
  • Real working self defence techniques, specialising in what really works for YOU!
  • Mix & match your classes, miss one class make it up on another evening
  • Our classes specialise in the very best elements of long / close range self defence techniques, covering all eventualities.

All of the above and much more is available to YOU plus students of the Saffron Walden, West Wickham, West Wratting Dojo’s are welcome to attend any suitable class in any of these dojo’s without prior notice to the instructor. Therefore training is available to these students 4 evenings per week. Of course any student within AAKA is welcome to any suitable class at any of our Dojo’s, some are a little further away than others though!