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  • Kids Martial Arts in Saffron Walden - All Anglia Karate Association - Aoife takes Gold at Seishan Open

    Aoife takes Gold at Seishan Open

    Well done to Aoife Cross of the Attleborough club taking gold in her Kumite (Fighting) section at the Seishan Open Competition, Hadleigh. Aoife also just missed out on placing for a medal in the Kata coming fourth. ....

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  • Shinka Open 2016

    This video is a little montage of some of our students mostly attending their very first competition, the Shinka Open, Snaresbrook. We only took 7 competitors and came away with 5 medals, 3 bronze and 2 Gold! I apologise for the video quality which was taken on a mobile phone, mostly while I was coaching! ....

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  • Karate in Saffron Walden, Attleborough, Melbourn, West Wickham, and Whittlesford

    There’s always a first time for everything. Do you remember when it was your child’s first day at nursery or school? Their first time being away from you? Were they nervous or scared, were you? Children will react differently to these situations some will be nervous and scared some will be excited and full of beans! The same goes for their first karate class. If you are a parent who has just enrolled your child for karate classes, or are thinking about doing so. Here’s how to prepare them for their first karate class. NERVES ARE TO BE EXPECTED
    Let’s face it. Everyone gets nervous their first time doing ....

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  • 5 Reasons that Young Children Will Benefit from Martial Arts Training with All Anglia Karate Association

    Are you a parent that has been thinking about signing their child up for Karate classes? If so, first and foremost, well done for considering this as nowadays, unfortunately, it seems that making sure your child can defend their self in the right way in any given situation (and by the way, engaging in conflict is always the last resort) is now just as, or if not more important than making sure your child can SWIM! Our classes provide a multitude of benefits for your children. They’ll get a boost in confidence, make a whole bunch of new friends and more. Also studies show that the majority of children enrolled into a martial arts program perform better in school!
    Below are 5 reasons ....

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